Copy of Graduate Student Resources: Plagiarism Check Services

Plagiarism Check Service: Video Instructions

Follow These Steps

***You must be enrolled in a Masters/Doctoral (e.g., MUS_GENL 8090 - Research in Music) Thesis Research Class to use this service.

Before filling out the request form linked below, log in to MyZou to take a screenshot for your proof of enrollment (See example).

Request Thesis Check Service

For additional writing or grammar help, contact the Writing Center at Mizzou: 

Writing Center Resources for Graduate Students 

After completing the request form in Step 1 (refer to Video instructions for more information), a librarian will contact you when you have been added to the Theses Plagiarism Check Course.

After you are contacted:

  • Click "Thesis Submission"

  • And then "Load Thesis Submission in a new window"

  • Finally, select “Upload Submission”

NOTE: 100 pages takes about 10 minutes. 

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