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Art and Architecture Microforms

American Committee for South Asian Art. American Committee for South Asian Art Archive (Part 2). Gandhara.

Zug, Switzerland: Inter Documentation Company, 1977
75 fiche

The collection contains photographs of the art of ancient Gandhara and Bactria, from the territories of Afghanistan (sites: Bamiyan, Begram, Fauladi, Fondukistan, Hadda, Kakrak, Khair-Khaneh, Paitava, Shotorak, and Surkh-Kotal), Pakistan (sites: Jamalghari, Loriyan Tangai, Mardan, Muhammad Nuri, Peshawar, Sari Bahlol, Sikri, Swat, Takht-i-Bahi, Taxila, Dharmarajika, Jandial, Jaulian, Mohra Moradu, and Sirkap), and India. The collection includes views of the sites, architecture, sculpture, and painting.

The collection is arranged alphabetically by geographic area or the name of the site.

MICF 732.4

Ancient Roman Architecture.

Rome: Fototeca Unione, American Academy in Rome, 1982
261 fiche

This collection is a reproduction of the photographic and bibliographic archive of ancient Roman architecture and topography in the Fototeca Unione housed in the American Academy in Rome. The collection provides a comprehensive visual survey of ancient Roman architecture and topography and provides a basic bibliography for each site. The archive represents the largest available collection of source material on ancient Roman architecture and topography. The collection is divided into two volumes, the first contains more than 1400 images of the architecture of the city of Rome, Roman Italy, and the Roman Empire. Volume II consists of more than 1200 images of architecture in the Roman provinces of the Near East and North Africa. It also includes a collection of 3270 images of public and domestic architecture at Pompeii and adds material on pre-Roman and early Roman architecture on the Italian Peninsula. In addition to photographs, the collection contains reproductions of ancient coins, early engravings, plans, and drawings. Some of the photographs were taken in the nineteenth century before many of the ancient structures were altered or even destroyed.

A short uncatalogued guide is available in the Special Collections Reading Room.

MICF 1687


Ancient Roman architecture : index to microfiche.

2 vols. The guides contain indexes to the sections of the collection by modern country, site, and monuments. Volume II of the guide contains an index by Augustean region for the Italy section, and indexes the Pompeii section by topography and building type. Microfiche headings provide the names and the locations of the monuments on the fiche. The various monuments and sites within the collection are preceded by brief introductions, bibliographic updates, and plans or maps.

Carnegie Survey of the Architecture of the South 1927-1943.

Alexandria, VA: Chadwyck-Healy, Inc, 1985
124 fiche

Images of exteriors, interiors, furnishings and garden of properties in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia between 1927 and 1943 are included. The collection is arranged geographically.

800 images. A short uncatalogued guide is available in the Special Collections Reading Room.

MICF 2034

Catalogue of the Great Exhibition, 1851.

London: World Microfilms, 1978
5 reel(s)

reel 1,2, first part of 3. London. Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, 1851. Official descriptive and illustrated catalogue. London, 1851 –reel 3, last part. London. Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, 1851. Reports by the juries on the subjects in the thirty classes into which the exhibition was divided (v. 1). London, 1852–reel 4. London. Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, 1851. Reports by the juries … (v. 2, 3). London, 1852 –reel 5. London. Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, 1851. Reports by the juries … (v. 4). London, 1852; Great Britain. Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1851. Report of the Commissioners for the exhibition of 1851. London, 1852; Its supplement, 1853.


Cicognara Library.

Urbana, IL: Undergraduate Library, University Library, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.,

An uncataloged guide Catalogo Ragionato dei libri D'Arte e Antichita Posseduti del Conte Cicognara, vol. 1 (Pisa, Presso Niccolo Capurro, 1821) is available in the Special Collections office.

MICF 3117

English Cartoons and Satirical Prints, 1320-1832, in the British Museum.

Cambridge: Chadwyck-Healey Limited/Somerset House, 1978
21 reel(s)

By the end of the eighteenth century, satirical engravings had become a highly popular form of literary entertainment. This collection contains reproductions of over five hundred years of those engravings which are located in the British Museum. The microfilm reproduces, in the same order, the cartoons and drawings described in the Catalogue of Political and Personal Satires. At the beginning of each reel is a list of cartoons in the catalog that were omitted in the microfilm with an explanation for these omissions.



British Museum. Dept. of Prints and Drawings. Catalogue of political and personal satires preserved in the department of prints and drawings in the British Museum.

The guide contains a brief description of each cartoon and an index beginning with volume five. Reel one contains an index to the items listed in volumes one through four. The material, in both the catalog and microfilm, is arranged chronologically.

The Forster and Dyce Collections from the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Brighton: Harvester Microform, 1987
Britain’s literary heritage.
2 reel(s)

The library has Pt.2, reels 15-17.
An uncatalogued guide is available in the Special Collections reading room.


Harrington, John Peabody, 1884-1961. The Photograph Collection of John Peabody Harrington in the National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution.

Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian National Anthropological Archives, 1994
10 reel(s)

John Peabody Harrington studied classical languages at Stanford University, and linguistics at the universities at Leipzig and Berlin. After studying the languages of several Native American tribes, he was appointed to the staff of the Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology in 1915, and continued to be involved in its research until his death. The photographs in this collection were taken by Harrington from 1912 to the mid 1950's, with the majority of them dated between 1917 and 1933. He concentrated upon the cultures of native Americans in California, the Southwest, Alaska, the Northwest Coast, and Mexico. Harrington's photographs capture much about these societies that has been otherwise altered or lost over the years. There are also personal photos of Harrington, his family, and friends, as well as linguistic materials.



The photograph collection of John Peabody Harrington in the National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution : a catalog to the microfilm

Besides a description of the scope and content of the Harrington photographs, the guide also traces the history of the collection’s acquisition and processing. It then lists the contents of each reel.

Historic American Buildings Survey.

Teaneck, NJ: Chadwyck-Healy, 1980
1567 fiche

45,000 photographs and 35,000 pages of text

The collection is arranged geographically. The data relating to each Building is arranged in alphabetical order by the nearest significant place name within each county, within each state. A short uncatalogued guide is available in the Special Collections Reading Room.

MICF 1824

History of the West; Private Library of Michael Harrison. Library Catalog and Supplement.

Fort Worth, TX: Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, 1965
46 reel(s)

FILM 4D21: 10:6 - Request access

India. Archaeological Survey. Memoirs, 1919-21.

New Delhi: Director General, Archaeological Survey of India; Microfilmed by the NY Public Library,
1 reel(s)

No. 1: “Dates of the Votive Inscriptions on the Stupas at Sanchi” by Ramaprasad Chanda. No. 2: “Varieties of the Vishnu Image” by Pandit B.B. Bidyabinod. No. 3: “Talamana or Iconometry” by T.A. Gopinatha Rao. No. 4: “The Archaeological Remains and Excavations at Nagari” by D.R. Bhandarkar. No. 5: “Archaeology and Vaishnava Tradition” by Ramaprasad Chanda. No. 6: “The Temples at Palampet” by Ghulam Yazdani. No. 7: “Excavations at Taxila, the Stupas and Monasteries at Jaulian” by John Marshall. These memoirs also contain black and white photographs.

Nos. 1 (1919) – 7 (1921).

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India. Curator of Ancient Monuments. Preservation of National Monuments: Graeco Buddhist Sculptures from Yusufzai

Calcutta: The Curator’s Office, Microfilmed by the Library of Congress, 1981., 1885
1 reel(s)

H.H. Cole initiated an excavation on the Swat and Buneyr frontiers in the Yusufzai District during the winters of 1883 and 1884. A large number of Graeco-Buddhist sculptures were discovered in 12 ancient monastic sites. There are 30 photos of the discoveries.

Published by order of the governor general in council for the office of Curator of Ancient Monuments in India. Introduction signed: H.H. Cole, January 1885.

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India. Hyderabad. Archaeological Dept. Annual Reports, 1930-1933.

Calcutta: Baptist Mission Press; Microfilmed by the NY Public Library, 1933
1 reel(s)

These annual reports include those on personnel, tours, survey of monuments, conservation, epigraphy, numismatics, museum, publications, library, photographs and drawings, expenditures, and the tour programs for each year. They also include various appendices consisting of diaries, statements, lists, and black and white photographs.

Report year ends Oct. 5.

FILM MISC - Request access

Jacob, S. S. (Samuel Swinton), Sir. Jeypore Portfolio of Architectural Details.

London: Bernard Quaritch; Photo-lithographed by W. Griggs and Sons, Ltd., 1890 
1 reel(s)

Prepared under the supervision of then-colonel S.S. Jacob, an engineer to the Jeypore state of India, this is not an exhaustive collection but contains works in or near Delhi, Agra, and parts of Rajputana. Part I: Copings and Bases. Part II: Pillars – Caps and Bases. Part III: Carved Doors. Part IV: Brackets. Part V: Arches. Part VI: Balustrades. There are 573 plates in this collection.

"Issued under the patronage of His Highness Maharaja Sawai Madhu Singh, G.C.S.I. of Jeypore."
Also available in hard copy as NA1507.J6 J2 1977.

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Krishna Sastri, Hosakote. South-Indian Images of Gods and Goddesses.

Madras, India: Madras Government Press, 1916
1 reel(s)

The chapters of this book cover the origin of and rituals followed in temples, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Sakti-Goddesses, village deities, and miscellaneous deities. There are 162 photos and four plates of illustrations plus a list of Sanskrit books used by the author for consultation.

Published under the authority of the Government of Madras. The author was the Assistant Archaeological Superintendent for Epigraphy, Southern Circle.

FILM MISC - Request access

Material Relating to Ellen Sharples and Her Family (1794-1854): From Bristol Central Library and Bristol Record Office.

Wakefield, England: Microform Academic Publishers, 2001
British records relating to America on microform
2 reel(s)

The Anglo-American career of the Sharples family of artists exemplifies the artistic exchange between Britain and America in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. English-born James Sharples built his career on drawing profile portraits in pastel and, upon spending several years in America, became known for portraits of George and Martha Washington and other eminent Americans. Ellen Wallace Sharples, his third wife and former pupil, copied her husband’s portraits on commission and taught herself how to paint miniatures. The couple trained James’s son by his second wife, Felix, and their own two children, James Jr. and Rolinda, all of whom followed in the footsteps of their parents and became successful portrait painters in their own right.



Waggoner, Dianne. The Sharples collection : family & legal papers (1794-1854) PDF

The guide provides background, contents of reels, select bibliography, and Appendix. Also available under call number N6766 .W28 2001.

Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England). Historic Buildings in Britain.

London: H.M.S.O,
Inventories of Historic Monuments, 1910-1975

MICF 2587: England Buckinghamshire; MICF 2588: England Dorset; MICF 2589: England Herefordshire; MICF 2590: England Hertfordshire; MICF 2591: England Huntingdonshire; MICF 2592: England London; MICF 2593: England Essex; MICF 2594: England Cambridgeshire; MICF 2595: England City of Cambridge; MICF 2596: England Middlesex; MICF 2597: England City of Oxford; MICF 2598: England Westmoreland; MICF 2599: England City of York; MICF 2600: Scotland Argyll; MICF 2601: Scotland County of Berwick; MICF 2602: Scotland Caithness; MICF 2603 Scotland County of Dumfries; MICF 2604: Scotland East Lothian; MICF 2605 Scotland City of Edinburgh; MICF 2606: Scotland Fife, Kinross, and Clackmannan; MICF 2607 Scotland Golloway; MICF 2608: Scotland Midlothian & W. Lothian; MICF 2609: Scotland Orkney & Shetland; MICF 2610: Outer Hebrides, Skye & the small isles; MICF 2611: Scotland Peeblesshire; MICF 2612: Scotland Roxburgshire; MICF 2613: Scotland Selkirkshire; MICF 2614: Scotland Sutherland; MICF 2615: Scotland Stirlingshire; MICF 2616: Wales Anglesley; MICF 2617: Wales Caernarvonshire; MICF 2618 Wales Carmarthen; MICF 2619: Wales Denbigh; MICF 2620: Wales Flint; MICF 2621: Wales Merioneth; MICF 2622: Wales Montgomery; MICF 2623: Wales Pembroke; MICF 2624: Wales Radnor.

Each inventory is separately cataloged. An uncatalogued guide is available in the Special Collections Reading Room.


Salon (Exhibition: Paris, France. Catalogues of the Paris Salon 1673-1880 (Titles Vary).

Teaneck, NJ: Chadwick Healey,
262 fiche

A list of the contents is available in the Special Collections office.

MICF 2742

Schnebbelie, Jacob. The Antiquaries Museum : Illustrating the Antient Architecture, Painting, and Sculpture of Great Britain, from the Time of the Saxons to the Introduction of Grecian and Roman Architecture by Inigo Jones in the Reign of King James I.

London : J. Nichols for the Author, 1791


Sotheby & Co. Catalogues of Sales Part 1-5, 1734-1980.

Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms International, 1973
538 reel(s)



Sotheby & Co. (London, England) Catalogues of sales : a guide to the microfilm collection.

Subject Index to Art Exhibition Catalogues.

Teaneck, NJ: Chadwyck-Healy, 1982
244 fiche

The Library has the base index and accumulations to December 1985. Included are indexes by artists, subjects, authors of catalogs, titles of catalogs and agent of publication (museum, gallery etc). This collection indexes the University of California-Santa Barbara Arts Library`s Microform Collection, Art Exhibition Catalogues Republished on Microfiche.

MICF 1319

William R. Perkins Library. Index Iconologicus.

Sanford, NC: Microfilming Corporation of America,
421 fiche

Most elements in Index Iconologicus are photographs of art works published as illustrations to Adam Bartsch's Le Peintre Graveur (NE90 .B213, 1978).

MICF 016.709


Langedijk, Karla. Index iconologicus : a guide to the microform edition.