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Library Equipment Quick Start Guides: iPod Touch

Versatility and Uses



Take Notes in Meetings

Research Databases

Surf the Internet


Watch Videos Online

GPS Tracker

Stay in Contact

Play Games

Word processing

Create Presentations 

Wireless Mouse

Remote Desktop Client

Universal Remote Control

Point of Sale Device

Voice Recorder

Charge your device

 Charge to 100% for optimal use


For more information visit:


Getting Started

Internet Connection needed for use


Home Button: main menu button or optional search



 Safari: internet browser, connects to internet


Camera: take pictures/video with front or back camera


 Notes: record meeting minutes, reminders 


Photos: view photos and videos on ipad


Photobooth: take pictures with unique effects




App Store: download new apps, need apple id to purchase or download new apps on device


Apps: Tap app on screen to open

Touchscreen: manipulated by: tap, double-tap, swipe, and pinching on screen

Delete App: Hold down app, apps start shaking, press red “x” in upper right hand corner of app

Folders: create folders of apps, hold down till shake—combine into folder by moving one app over another—folder will instantly create, name folder.

Four Finger Sweep: From bottom of screen take 4 fingers and sweep upwards, this will show all open apps


Contact Us

University of Missouri Libraries

J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library

1 Hospital Drive

Columbia, MO 65212

Phone: (573) 882-4153



 Settings: this app configures the device

Printable Version Now Available!