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Romanticism in France: Books

Finding and getting books

Where is the book?                                       How to find it.                       How to get it.

Ellis Library.                                                      Merlin                                      Find which floor the book is on and get it yourself.  (video)

Columbia campus library.                             Merlin                                      Find the MU branch library has it and get it  yourself   (video)

Depository                                                        Merlin                                      Request it through the Merlin catalog     (video)

Other UM campuslibraries                            All Merlin                                Request it  through the Merlin catalog     (video)                        

State of Missouri                                             Mobius                                    Request it  through Mobius catalog    (video)

World  libraries                                                Worldcat                                 Request it  through Worldcat Link   (video)

Online                                                                Artfl Project                             Collection of nearly 2000 French texts.                      
                                                                            Hathitrust                               Read online or find copy in Merlin/Mobius
                                                                            Internet Archive                     Read online or find copy in Merlin/Mobius
                                                                           Google Books                        Read online or find copy in Merlin/Mobius




Foreign Catalogs

More about Merlin Catalog


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