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MU Libraries Update for CAFNR and TAM: Welcome!

Update on MU Libraries for CAFNR

Highlights & Hot Buttons for Spring 2015

Ellis Library Centennial. We look forward to celebrating one hundred years of library service, occasioned by the centennial of the dedication of Ellis Library. More information is available under the Ellis Centennial tab.

Electronic Reserves. We will be transitioning to a new electronic reserves system, an improvement on eRes, this summer.If you have courses that will be effected by this transition, you should have received an email about the process in mid-April. More information is available in E Reserves.

Library Journal Cancellation Project for FY 2017. MU Libraries are in the very early stages of planning for a large journals cancellation for fiscal year 2017 in the event that our budget remains flat or decreases, as it will without more funding. More information is available under the Library Budget tab.

Mold. Recovery from the mold outbreak of 2013 is ongoing. Salvaged materials are returning to circulation as they are processed into the new storage facility.More information available under Mold.

Proposed Student Library Fee. With the encouragement of Chancellor Loftin and with input from the Missouri Student Association (MSA) and the Graduate Professional Council (GPC), the MU Libraries have proposed a student library fee to begin in Fall 2016. More information is available under the Student Library Fee tab and at
Web of Science. We are grateful to Vice Chancellor of Research Hank Foley for funding the subscription to Web of Science for MU. In addition to indexing major journals in many areas, Web of Science provides the metrics used by the AAU to measure the impact of scholarly work. More information available in Additions and Improvements.