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Estates and Trusts: Estates and Trusts Materials

A guide designed for MU Law students to introduce some of the Law Library resources on estates and trusts.

Subject & Disclaimer

Estates and Trusts covers the rules for the transmission of property upon an individual's death.  The subject matter is generally broken up into two portions, Wills and Trusts.  

Please remember that supplemental materials are meant to enhance, not replace, the assigned classroom material.
Some professors recommend against secondary sources due to the danger of students attempting to short cut doing the hard work themselves, thus delaying the skill of “thinking like a lawyer.”  If you have a question whether a particular supplement may be useful as a classroom or exam prep aid then ask your professor for guidance.  And, as always, you can ask a librarian for assistance.

Research Strategy

Research on estate and trust topics is state specific. The Missouri Practice Series is typically on point and will direct the researcher directly to the necessary statutes. In addition, the Missouri Practice Series will generally include citations to recent and relevant cases on the subject.  Case law applies and interprets statutory law, and it is imperative to determine whether there is any relevent Missouri case law.

Other secondary sources are useful to familiarize oneself more generally with estate and trust law.

While estate and trust law is governed by state law, relevant legal areas such as Federal tax, Social Security and Medicaid are governed by federal law.   

  Audio Resources

  Where are these books located?

MU Law RESERVE materials are located on the 1st floor plaza level in the room behind the circulation desk.

MU Law REFERENCE materials are located on the 1st floor plaza level of the law library.

MU Law PRACTICE materials are located on the 3rd floor west side of the law library

MU Law refers to treatises located on the 3rd floor east side of the law library.

Select MU Law Library Print Materials

Study Aids

Estates & Trusts BNA and CCH Databases

Access to BNA Tax Accounting Center - Estate Planning are limited to MU Law Students only. 

MU Law Students may also browse CCH IntelliConnect's Financial and Estate Planning practice area for access to Federal Estate and Gift Tax Reporter, as well at Tax News, Journals and Newsletters.

Bloomberg Estate and Tax Portfolio

Bloomberg’s Estate and Trust Portfolio is excellent.  The categories include:

  • Charitable Contributions;
  • Estate Planning/Business Planning;
  • Estate Tax;
  • Gifts;
  • Income Tax;
  • Exempt Organziations/Private Organizations;
  • Post-Mortem Planning;
  • Trusts;
  • Valuation.


Lexis Advance - Missouri Materials

Lexis Advance

Missouri Bar Association Materials