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Chemistry: Guide for Graduate Students: Articles


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Complete Archival Chemistry Collections

Finding Articles

You can set up preferences in Google Scholar on personal computing devices so that the Find It@MU links always display in your Google Scholar search results.

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Usage restrictions

Key points of the  American Chemical Society (ACS) journals and SciFinder Scholar user license agreements:

  • Use SciFinder Scholar and ACS journals only for your own academic research. 
  • Do not store more than 5000 SciFinder Scholar records at one time.  Delete stored records when no longer needed for relevant research project. 
  • Do not systematically download ACS journal articles or SciFinder Scholar records in large quantities within a short amount of time.

Suspected license violations are investigated by the MU Libraries and the MU Division of Information Technology.

License violations can result in the loss of access to the resource by the individual or the campus.