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English 4970: Gothic Literature

Online Indexes & Bibliographies

Book & Film Reviews

Note that it takes some time for scholarly criticism to be published, so for more recent books and films you may need to rely on more popular or immediate reviews, which may not be indexed in the more scholarly databases. You may also want to find more immediate or popular responses to long-published books and films by using the historical databases that provide access to 19th and earlier 20th century publications.

The advanced search option in most databases allows one to limit the search to reviews as a publication type.

Searching for Books

Books may be identified and located in several ways:

  • Most of the subject databases list books as well as journal articles.
  • Books may be identified from citations in articles or in other books.

Use the FindIt@MU button or the Find a Specific Book link to locate a book if you know the title. Searching by the exact title is best. The ISBN does not always match.

  • Library catalogs list the inventory of books held by the library by author, title, and broad subject. They may list the table of contents, but often describe the book only in broad terms. From most local to worldwide, search:
    • MERLIN (MU only by default, or change the drop-down to all MERLIN to search all UM libraries.)
    • MOBIUS (libraries across Missouri and in Iowa, Oklahoma, and through the Prospector link in Colorado)
    • WorldCat (libraries worldwide)

Use the request buttons to request delivery of materials to MU. Within Missouri, this usually takes a couple of days. From out of state, it can take a week or more. If you need only a specific chapter or pages of a book, put in an interlibrary loan request noting specifically what you need. We can usually have a pdf of a portion of a book delivered in about 48 hours.