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Digital Media Commons

The audio recording booth is a space dedicated to fulfilling sound recording needs, such as voice over, podcasts, screencasting and more. This 6' x 6' enclosure significantly reduces ambient and acoustic noise. The booth is ADA compliant, with a 32” wide door with no threshold, and ramp.


1) Turn on the lights:  There is a light above the computer which has two brightness settings. There is also ventilation that can be turned on with the remote.

2) Log on to the computer: There are two accounts available for use, (1) MU Students and (2) Library Staff.  You will be provided with the appropriate password.

3) Adjust the sound board: The sound board has an on-switch located in the back to the right.  The settings have been set to our specifications which you may adjust according to your needs.  If you need assistance, please ask an available staff member.  We ask that you return the settings to their original positions.



  • For audio recordings, it often helps to have a script.  The script can be placed on the monitor to the right so that it can be read while you are capturing the screen on the other monitor.  If you are integrating video as well, you may put cues for yourself in the script (i.e. next slide, click here, or type this).
  • When recording, make sure that the microphone is set to “USB Audio CODEC” and not the built-in option.  Please note that the “USB Audio CODEC” will only appear once the soundboard is turned on.

Recording Booth in 156

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Sound Board original positions