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Registering To Vote

Every State Votes Differently

The first rule of voting in a new city: NEVER assume that your experience voting in another state or even another part of the state will be the same as voting in Missouri, or Boone County. Some examples:

  • In fifteen U.S. states, you can register to vote on the same day that you vote. NOT in Missouri. Here, you must be registered to vote about a month before the election -  you must be registered by October 10 in order to vote on November 6.
  • In some states, you must register as a member of a political party or as an independent. Again, NOT in Missouri. If you vote in a primary election, you'll be asked which party's ballot you want at the polling place. You just register as a voter here; party doesn't enter into it.
  • States have very different voter ID requirements, and Missouri's state law changed in June 2017.  Acceptable ID's at polling places in Missouri are listed in the "Acceptable ID for Voting" section of this guide.
  • The importance of voting at your assigned polling place varies from state to state. Some states (and even some past elections in MO) have allowed voters to walk into locations other than their assigned polling place to vote, Not so here. It's easy to look up your polling place once you are registered, but you do need to vote there, or else at the County Clerk's office itself (801 E Walnut, room 236).

State deadlines and voting rules

If you have further questions about voting in Boone County, see the County Clerk's FAQ or contact the County Clerk's office.


Absentee Voting Rules, Deadlines, and Contacts By State