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Registering To Vote

Boone County Voter Registration Form FAQ


Q.  For that first question on the online form, "County Where I Currently Live" (part of the Line 5 address on the printed form), is that my parent's house in St. Louis or do I choose Boone County?

A.  Select Boone County if you want to vote at a polling place in Columbia on Election Day.  This has nothing to do with your residency for tuition purposes, or any other "official" residency (other than that you must be a U.S. citizen to vote). If you use any other MIssouri address on this part of the form, you will be registering to vote in that county, and you will need to either contact that other county's voting official and request that an absentee ballot be sent to you, or travel to your assigned polling place the other county on Election Day. You will not be sent an absentee ballot if this is your first election in Missouri and you did not register in person and present photo ID to your county clerk.

Q.  What if I don't know my ZIP code here in Boone County?

A.  If you live in a Residence Hall (dorm), it's 65201. Otherwise, you can check with Google or a ZIP code finder.


Q. Will I need to put my Social Security Number on the form?

A. You must provide EITHER the last four digits of your Social Security Number OR your driver's license number.


Q.  Do I need to present my Missouri driver's license when registering? How does that work if I register online?

A.   Yes, you need to present your driver's license, or your passport, or another acceptable ID (see Acceptable ID) when registering to vote in Missouri. Filling out the driver's license number on the form itself does not fulfill the legal requirement to "present photo ID" at time of registration. If you register via the form that you fill out online, print, sign and email, you should also attach a scanned copy of your driver's license (front AND back), in order to meet that requirement.