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Implicit Bias in Employment Law: Ameliorating Implicit Bias

Research Guide

What To Do About Implicit Bias

Just because the law has, to this point, largely failed to take into account implicit bias does not mean employers are indifferent to its effects or helpless to ameliorate its damages. This page will give resources that individuals can consider as they seek to fight implicit bias in the workplace, and provide a starting point toward understanding how implicit bias can be minimized in their own internal lives.

Implicit Bias Training

Even absent an effective legal regimen that takes into account implicit bias, implicit bias training is an ever more popular feature in the modern workplace. Below are resources that will you understand and gauge the effectiveness of these programs.

The upshot of the literature is that implicit bias training in the workplace can help reduce implicit bias among workers in the workplace. However, in order to have an effect, the training must be conducted over a certain period of time, be reasonably intensive and focus don habit-breaking, and be taken seriously by the participants.

The Bias-Free Job Search

Implicit bias shows up often in the hiring process. Below are some resources to consult when attempting to conduct a bias-free job search.

Can Implicit Bias Be Cured?

Implicit bias cannot be "cured." However, it can be minimized by the conscious application of effort. Below are some resources that will help you identify strategies for reducing implicit bias as a motivator of your own actions.