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Guide to setting up EndNote for Windows

Convert Text Bibliographies into Endnote Using Wizfolio

EndNote cannot extract information from a regular bibliography created with Word.

However, you can use a free online service called Wizfolio ( to take a bibliography you wrote in Word without using EndNote and convert it into EndNote references saved in your EndNote library. These steps will take a regular plain text citation that you typed out manually and try to convert it and save it in your EndNote Library. It does not work for all references and citations, but it does have a fairly good success rate.

(Please note that for Wizfolio’s settings, the default allows anyone to see your profile page and your citation library. You can uncheck this box under “Settings” to disable this and keep your citations private. )


  1. Log into

  2. Choose to “Add” and “import from clipboard.”

  1. Paste in your text bibliography. Wizfolio will separate your citations by inserting a blank line between the references, but double-check to make sure it divides them properly and click “import now.”

  1. Highlight your references, and choose “Export” and “export to RIS.”

  1. Depending on your browser, this step may look different, but choose to “Open” the file with EndNote or ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper.

  1. EndNote will import the references that Wizfolio has converted. (Please remember that Wizfolio does not work for every citation, so some of your citations may be incomplete. For incomplete references, you can check them for available updates as discussed here.)