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Microform Collections A-Z

The microform collection is wide and varied in subject. These listings reflect popular research areas and will serve as a good starting point, however, the listings are not exhaustive. Please use the search box at the top of the page or click on "General"

Van Buren, Martin, 1782-1862. Martin Van Buren Papers.

Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1960 
Presidential papers microfilm
35 reel(s)

Martin Van Buren was a United States senator, governor of New York, secretary of state, vice president, and 8th president of the United States. This collection includes the manuscript of Van Buren's autobiography, a fragment of a manuscript history of the United States Bank, correspondence, messages, legal records, and estate record books. The correspondence relates to such issues as annexation of Texas, the slavery question, tariffs, banking, the Free-Soil Movement, and political campaigns. There are numerous letters pertaining to John Calhoun, Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson, and Missouri senator Thomas Hart Benton.

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Library of Congress. Manuscript Division. Calendar of the papers of Martin Van Buren : prepared from the original manuscripts in the Library of Congress

Vandamm, Florence. Vandamm Collection.

Teaneck, NJ: Somerset House, 1980 
827 fiche

26,000 photos

MICF 792.O97471


New York theatre, 1919-1961 : [handlist of stage productions in the Vandamm Collection].

Vandelure, John. History of the Voyages and Adventures of Van Vandelure.

Montpelier: Wright and Sibley, 1812 
1 reel(s)

Vandelure sailed from Amsterdam, Holland, in 1783 to China and later to the western coast of America in search of furs. After being accidentally left there, he is taken in by an unnamed tribe of American Indians. He learns their language, marries a daughter of the chief, and has a son. He later converts them all to Christianity, and this process makes up most of this narrative.

“Giving an account of his being left on the N.W. coast of America by the misconduct of the ship’s company; where he lived almost seven years, and married the daughter of an Indian chief, his conversion while in that western world, and the conversion of the Indian Chief, and his whole family. Together with his return to Holland. Written by his own hand, and sent to his uncle in Philadelphia, in the year 1796.”

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Varchi, Benedetto. Blazon of Jealousie.

London: Thomas Snodham, 1615 
1 reel(s)

Varchi (1503-1565) was an Italian poet and historian and protégé of Cosimo de Medici. He is best known for his history of Florence, a 16-volume tome entitled Storia Fiorentin.

(Microfilmed by Yale University, New Haven, CT.)
Note: Title continues “A subject not written of by any heretofore· First written in Italian, by that learned gentleman Benedetto Varchi, sometimes Lord Chancelor [sic] unto the Signorie [sic] of Venice, and translated into English, with speciall [sic] notes upon the same.” A translation by Robert Tofte of: Lettura sopra un sonetto della gelosia di mons. Dalla Casa. "The fruits of jealousie," in verse.

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Vassall, William. Vassall Letter-Books, 1769-1800.

East Ardsley, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England: Micro Methods for the British Association for American Studies, 1963 
British records relating to America in microform
2 reel(s)

William Vassall's letter books are primarily concerned with the operation of his family's sugar plantation in Jamaica. He administered the plantation from his home in the United States and later from England, where he lived after his Jamaican income was cut off by the American Revolution. The chief correspondents were Long, Drake, and Long of London (one of the oldest firms in the Jamaican trade) and James and John Wedderburn, managers of his Jamaican plantations. Also included are letters concerning Vassall's numerous legal disputes, notably his suit against the state of Maine over the confiscation and sale of his property during the war. The first letter book covers the period from November 1769 to July 1786, and January 1798 to March 1800. The second book covers the period from June 1786 to January 1791.

A description of the collection is on the first reel.

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Vega, Lope de. Alejandro El Segundo.

1 reel(s)

Vega (1562-1635), a novelist, poet, and playwright, is considered to be the greatest dramatist in the Spanish language. He wrote as many as 1,500 plays, at least 350 of which survive today. A contemporary of Shakespeare, he rivals the Bard in variety of characters, tone, and subject matter. This work is a comedy written in Vega’s own hand, and the original is located in Parma, Italy, in the Biblioteca Palatina.

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Vega, Lope de. Plays

130 titles

Consult MERLIN for holdings.

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Venezky, Richard L. Microfiche Concordance to Old English.

Newark, DE: University of Delaware, 1980 
418 fiche

The guide is also filmed on Fiche 1-2.



Healey, Antonette DiPaolo, 1945- A microfiche concordance to Old English : the list of texts and index of editions

Vernon, James, 1646-1727. Letters from James Vernon to the Duke of Shrewsbury, 1696-1708: From the Shrewsbury Papers in Boughton House, North Hamptonshire.

East Ardsley, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England: E.P. Microform Limited, 1980
British records relating to America in microform
3 reel(s)

James Vernon served as private secretary and then as under-secretary to Charles Talbot, 12th Earl and Duke of Shrewsbury (1660-1718). Though he had served under both Charles II and James II, Shrewsbury had contributed money to William of Orange and was a major catalyst in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Shrewbury was twice secretary of state, in 1689 and 1694. In 1700 he withdrew from public affairs and went to Rome. Vernon’s letters kept his patron well-informed of state affairs, such as parliamentary proceedings and the activities of the increasingly important Secretariate. His incisive discussion of events preceding the Treaty of Ryswick and extending into the War of Spanish Succession makes his letters indispensable to both domestic and early modern European historians. Topics discussed include treason cases, Admiralty affairs, finance, Irish affairs, disbandment, the visits of the French ambassadors, trade, taxes, the East India Company, and military affairs. In 1710 Shrewsbury helped bring about the fall of the Whigs and was made Lord Chamberlain. In 1712 he was ambassador to France and then Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. At the crisis of the death of Queen Anne, Shrewsbury was treasurer and Lord Justice.

An index of letters is on the first reel.

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Rubini, Dennis. Letters from James Vernon to the Duke of Shrewsbury 1696-1708 : from the Shrewsbury papers in Boughton House, Northamptonshire PDF

The guide provides a calendar of correspondence with an indication of contents. Also available under call number DA462.S5 R8.

Victor, Orville James. History of American Conspiracies: Record of Treason, Insurrection, Rebellion, &C. In the United States of America from 1760 to 1860.

New York: James D. Torrey, 1863 
1 reel(s)

This book explains the major conspiracies, insurrections, and popular commotions that “directly or indirectly affected the order of society, the destiny of States, or the political institutions of the Republic.” Chapters include Pontiac’s Indian Conspiracy, the Paxton Riots, Benedict Arnold’s Conspiracy, Shay’s Rebellion, the Whiskey Insurrection, Alien and Sedition Troubles, Nat Turner’s Slave Insurrection, Kansas-Nebraska Troubles, and more. It also has steel plate and wood cut illustrations.

Table of contents at the beginning; appendix at the end.

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Vietnam and Southeast Asia, 1960-80.

Frederick, MD: University Publications of America, 1982 
Special studies series
13 reel(s)

The collection contains 101 studies and analyses of Southeast Asia and the countries of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Most of the collection is about Vietnam, especially concerning United States military involvement. Topics include aerial warfare, agriculture, chemical warfare, communism, insurgency and counterinsurgency, economics and foreign aid, limited warfare, military operations, morale, political groups, prisoners of war, public opinion, and refugees. These studies were contracted by various federal agencies from a number of private and governmental "think tanks" such as the Rand Corporation, the Army War College, American University's Center for Research in Social Systems, and the Hudson Institute, Inc.



Vietnam and Southeast Asia, 1960-1980 : [guide]

The annotated guide contains a table of contents, a reel index and a subject index. The authors and their institutional affiliation are also indicated.

Vigne, Godfrey. Travels in Kashmir, Ladak, Iskardo, the Countries Adjoining the Mountain-Course of the Indus, and the Himalaya, North of the Panjab.

London: Henry Colburn, 1844 
1 reel(s)

Vigne (1801-1863) wrote these volumes about his travels in India in a narrative style. At the end of Volume 2 is “Observations on the Vegetation and Products of Afghanistan, Kashmir and Tibet” by J. Forbes Royle, who discusses the plant species collected by Vigne on his trips. Also contains illustrations.

(Microfilmed by the Library of Congress, Washington, DC.)
Note: Second edition in two volumes; map of Kashmir with its passes, Ladak and Little Tibet at the beginning of the reel; table of contents at the beginning and appendices at the end of Volume 2.

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Viravong, Maha Sila. History Of Laos.

New York: U.S. Joint Publications Research Service, 1958 
1 reel(s)

This book is a short history of Laos.

Translated from “Phong savadan Lao,” v. 1 (1957) p. 1-301.

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Virginia. Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts, 1652-1781.

Richmond: R.F. Walker, 1875 
1 reel(s)

This large volume contains important events in the history of Virginia. Dates are given next to each entry. It was arranged and edited by William P. Palmer.

This reel is Volume 1 only. Index at the end.

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Virginia. Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts, 1652-1869, Preserved in the Capitol at Richmond.

Richmond: R.F. Walker, 1875 
1 reel(s)

The papers include abstracts of land patents, foreign and colonial official communications, petitions, legislation, incomplete proceedings of councils, and public and private correspondence of prominent individuals. The documents reveal the habits and customs of the people and discuss the important events in Virginia colonial history through the Revolutionary period. Topics include Indian affairs, ships and shipping, William and Mary College, relationships with the mother country, crops, slaves, debtors, privateers, land grants, and army affairs.

This is volume I of a set. Another copy is available in printed form (F221.V5 1968). In this volume, transcribed Virginia state papers, arranged in chronological order, date from 1652 to 1781. An index is at the end of the reel.

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Virginia. County Court (Fairfax Co.). Surname and Subject Index of the Minute and Order Books of the County Court, Fairfax County, Virginia, 1749-1800 [I.E. 1802].

Fairfax, Va.: Fairfax County History Commission, 1976 
239 fiche

An index to eighteenth century court-records for Fairfax County gives insight into the deliberations of the county court, whose members included George Washington and George Mason. This index provides personal name and subject references to the original court volumes. Lawsuits, parish business, and apprenticeships, reveal the daily personal and political events of early Virginia. The original court volumes are not available in Ellis Library.

An introduction is on the first microfiche.

MICF 975.5

Von Holst, Hermann Eduard. John Brown, an Essay.

Columbia, MO: The University, 1908 
1 reel(s)

Hill (1869-1943) was president of the university from 1908 to 1921; he began his duties July 1 but was not formally installed until Dec. 11. This program covers the exercises, principal addresses delivered, and installation ceremonies over the two-day celebration.

Accompanying material entitled “Guests of the University,” “Circular of information to the guests of the University,” “Second circular of information to the guests of the University.”

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