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Microform Collections A-Z

The microform collection is wide and varied in subject. These listings reflect popular research areas and will serve as a good starting point, however, the listings are not exhaustive. Please use the search box at the top of the page or click on "General"


Because there are so many resources in this section, collections by the United States government have been broken out into subpages that can be accessed in the menu on the left. All other microform collections beginning with U are on this page.

U.S. Copyright Office. Unpublished Drama Deposits, 1900-1906.

Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1981 
214 reel(s)

Each play is individually cataloged in MERLIN. An uncataloged guide is available in the Special Collections office.



Library of Congress. Copyright Office. Dramatic compositions copyrighted in the United States, 1870 to 1916V

U.S. Military Intelligence Reports: Surveillance of Radicals in the U.S., 1917-1941.

Frederick, MD: University Publications of America, 1984 
34 reel(s)

After United States entry into World War I, a number of official agencies began surveillance and persecution of organizations considered radical and "unpatriotic." This collection contains documents from the Military Intelligence Division of the Department of the Army (National Archives record group 165) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation that came out of that surveillance. Specifically, the materials refer to such organizations as the American Federation of Labor, the American Communist Party, the Industrial Workers of the World, the Congress of Industrial Organizations, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Socialist Party, and the Non-Partisan League. The material also contains reports on activities by both strikers and students, the Scottsboro Case, the Sacco-Vanzetti Case, and on radical individuals like John Reed, Bill Haywood, Emma Goldman, Marcus Garvey, Eugene Debs, and Clarence Darrow.



U.S. military intelligence reports [guide] : surveillance of radicals in the United States, 1917-1941

The guide contains an introduction explaining what documents were excluded from the collection, a table of contents, a reel index, and a subject index.

Ullman, Edward L. Office of Naval Research, Reports on Transportation Geography.

Cambridge, MA: Harvard University, 1951 
1 reel(s)

These six reports marked the end of the Harvard phase of an O.N.R. research contract in transportation geography to Ullman, associate professor of regional planning at Harvard. Most are in preliminary form. Report no. 1 – “Toward a More Analytical Economic Geography: The Analysis of Flow Phenomena” by Ullman and Walter Isard. Report no. 2 – “A Study of Direct and Indirect Employment in Transportation and Communication in the United States” by Henry Jameson, Jr. Study no. 3 – “Maps of State-to-State Rail Freight Movement for 13 States of the United States” by Ullman and others. Report no. 4 – “Flow Maps of United States Ocean-Borne Foreign Trade, 1938” by Ullman, Albert E. Burke, Jack C. Ransome, and Edward A. Schmitz. Report no. 5 – “Advances in Mapping Human Phenomena” by Ullman. Report no. 6 – “Rivers as Regional Bonds: The Columbia Snake Example” by Ullman.

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Umc Library Underground Newspaper Collection.

Columbia, MO: University of Missouri, Microfilm Publications, 1985
9 reel(s)

The UMC Underground Library Collection supplements the Underground Press Collection with additional newspapers not in that collection. Focusing on the same subjects: anti-war, social reform, women's liberation, gay rights, ecology, civil rights, and Indian rights during the 1960s and 1970s.



Underground newspaper collection.

The guide contains a list of the newspapers filmed with a brief description of the newspaper’s focus.

Underground Press Collections.

Wooster, OH: Bell and Howell, Microphoto Division, 1964
476 reel(s)

The underground press during the 1960s and 1970s expressed the views of political dissenters and members of the counterculture. These periodicals focused on the anti-war, social reform, ecology, civil rights, women's liberation, gay liberation, Indian rights, the drug revolution, and other movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

Titles are listed in MERLIN, but consult index for specific dates owned.



Underground press collection. Listing of contents. MU Ellis Special Collections Reference  PN4784.U53 U5  1963/1985  

United Nations. United Nations Documents and Official Records.

New Canaan, CT: Readex Microprint, 1946

Records include all of the mimeographed and printed materials as well as the official records of each major division of the United Nations: the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, the Security Council, and the Trusteeship Council. Documents of all committees, commissions, conferences, and seminars are also included. Materials from the specialized agencies (FAO, UNESCO, GATT, ILD, WHO) are not in this collection unless they carry a joint symbol with one of the principal divisions. Materials are arranged by year. Arrangement since 1975 is by issuing agency, using United Nations symbols.

Located in Government Documents (first floor).



Dag Hammarskjöld Library. Check list of United Nations documents.

United Nations documents index.

UNDEX. United Nations documents index. Series B: country index.

UNDOC, current index : United Nations documents index.

Brimmer, Brenda. A guide to the use of United Nations documents, including reference to the specialized agencies and special U.N. bodies [by] Brenda Brimmer [and others]

University of Missouri Columbia. Library. Catalogue of the Books Belonging to the Library of the University of Missouri.

Columbia, MO: Union Democrat Book and Job Office;, 1857 
1 reel(s)

Prepared by Bolivar Stark Head, University Librarian from 1853-1860, the books are listed alphabetically under specific subjects. It also contains the catalogue of the Library of the Union Literary Society, prepared by William J. Thompson, Librarian.

Title continues “To which are appended catalogues of the books belonging to the Libraries of the Literary Societies.” List of library regulations at the beginning; list of broad book subjects at the end

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Utah and the Mormons.

New Haven, CT: Research Publications, 1966 
53 reel(s)

Books, government documents, periodicals and newspapers chronicle the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints' move from Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri, their settlement in Utah, their doctrine, and their experiments in communitarianism and polygamy. Among the serials reproduced are The Latter Day Saints and Millenial Star (1840-1905) and the Union Vedette (1836-1967). The works of prominent church leaders, including Joseph Smith and Parley Parker Pratt, are well represented.

Each monograph title is cataloged in MERLIN, but serial titles are not yet cataloged.



Microfilm index to Utah and the Mormons : a collection available on microfilm.