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Microform Collections A-Z

The microform collection is wide and varied in subject. These listings reflect popular research areas and will serve as a good starting point, however, the listings are not exhaustive. Please use the search box at the top of the page or click on "General"

Kansas Geological Society. Guide Book to the Eleventh Annual Field Conference, 1937.

1 reel(s)

This traveling conference covered southeastern Kansas and northeastern Oklahoma and took place September 3 – 6, 1937. The guide book contains papers, the conference program, and maps.

In cooperation with the State Geological Survey of Kansas, and the Oklahoma Geological Society.

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Kansas Geological Society. Guide Book to the Ninth Annual Field Conference, 1935.

Wichita, KS: Kansas Geological Society, 1935 
1 reel(s)

This conference covered the Upper Mississippi Valley from Iowa City, IA, to Duluth, MN, and took place August 25 to September 1, 1935. The guide book contains road logs, papers, maps, stratigraphic sections, the conference program, and photographs.

In cooperation with the Iowa Geological Survey, State Geological Survey of Illinois, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, and the Minnesota Geological Survey.

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Kaskaskia Manuscripts, 1714-1816: A Calendar of Civil Documents in Colonial Illinois

Chester, IL: Randolph County Archives, 1981 
14 reel(s)

This collection provides a richly detailed picture of the economic, social, and political life in eighteenth-century Illinois. The first people of European origin to settle in the mid-Mississippi Valley were the French. These Illinois villagers were the first explorers, the first traders with the Indian tribes of the Plains, the first miners, and the first farmers of the area. The early records of these French pioneers, over 6,000 documents dating from 1714 to 1816, constitute the Kaskaskia manuscript collection. Included are notarial transactions such as marriage contracts, wills, inventories, deeds, depositions, partnerships, labor contracts, and leases. For the most part, these documentary materials are in French. The calendar of the manuscripts offers an English summary of the contents and other essential information, including all personal names.

The first reel contains English summaries for the years 1708-1749, the second reel contains those for 1750-1816. The third reel contains an index to personal, geographical, and tribal names. Remaining reels are manuscript reels in order by date.

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Kaye, Sir Cecil. Communism in India

Delhi: Government of India Press, 1926 
1 reel(s)

Kaye was the former director of the Intelligence Bureau of the Home Department for the Government of India. Includes an index at the end, followed by a short report entitled “Communism in India, 1924-1927.” The film is overexposed and unreadable after page 23 of this second report.

At head of title: “Secret. Property of the Government of India.”v

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Keesing’s Contemporary Archives, Volumes 1-26; 1931-1980.

London: Harvester Press, 1977 
379 fiche

This collection contains short articles on all manner of subjects from around the world. It serves as an excellent general reference for subjects year by year. The Keesing's Contemporary Archives collection is available in hard copy from 1931 through 1986 in Ellis Library REF D410 .K4. Volume one is preceded by a synopsis of events from the end of World War I in 1918 to 1931.

The material is arranged in chronological order. There is a subject index on the first microfiche of each volume. Beginning in 1959, there is also a name index on the second microfiche.

MICF 905

Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963. Appointment Book of President Kennedy (1961-1963)

Frederick, MD: University Publications of America, 1981
Presidential documents series
3 reel(s)

President Kennedy’s appointment book records day-by-day and hour-by-hour all of his official activities as president. It gives his detailed itinerary and lists the names of all persons he met in an official capacity from 1961 to 1963. This includes meetings of the Cabinet, of the National Security Council, with Congressmen, and with foreign leaders like Nikita Khrushchev, Harold Macmillan, Charles de Gaulle, and Konrad Adenauer.



A Guide to Appointment book of President Kennedy (1961-1963) ; President Kennedy and the press (1961-1963)PDF

The guide gives a reel listing for the entries in the chronologically arranged appointment book. Also available under call number E842 .G8 1982.

Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963. President Kennedy and the Press

Frederick, MD.: University Publications of America, 1981
Presidential Documents Series
20 reel(s)

This collection includes material concerning the public relations of President Kennedy’s administration. Reels one to seven contain the verbatim transcripts of the press conferences held by Presidential Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, reels seven to eighteen contain messages and press releases from the White House, reels nineteen and twenty contain transcripts of the Press conferences held by President Kennedy. The subjects covered concern every possible political and private aspect of the presidency from the details of dress at cocktail parties to the relations with the Soviet Union and war in South-East Asia.



A Guide to Appointment book of President Kennedy (1961-1963) ; President Kennedy and the press (1961-1963) PDF

The guide gives a reel listing for the entries in the chronologically arranged appointment book. Also available under call number E842 .G8 1982.

Kentucky Culture Series.

Louisville, KY: Lost Cause Press, 1956

Materials relating to Kentucky culture and history were selected from J. Winston Coleman's A Bibliography of Kentucky History and Lawrence S. Thompson's The New Sabin. As a meeting ground for the North and South, Kentucky deeply influenced post-revolutionary America. The state produced many important leaders, including Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. The collection contains religious, social, economic, and educational studies, as well as political and military histories. It includes significant early literature. (Each title is cataloged separately)

Each title catalogued separately.



Coleman, J. Winston (John Winston), 1898- A bibliography of Kentucky history

The guide provides a list of titles, which are cataloged individually.

Thompson, Lawrence Sidney, 1916- The new Sabin : books described by Joseph Sabin and his successors, now described again on the basis of examination of originals, and fully indexed by title, subject, joint authors, and institutions and agencies

The guide is arranged alphabetically by author.

Knox, Henry 1750-1806. Microfilms of the Henry Knox Papers Owned by the New England Historic Genealogical Society and Deposited in the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1950 
55 reel(s)

When trouble erupted with the British in Boston in 1774, Henry Knox (1750-1806) left his occupation as bookseller and became a colonel of artillery in the newly-formed Continental Army. He played an instrumental role in forcing the British out of Boston when he and his men brought artillery pieces from the captured British post at Ticonderoga over the mountains to Boston in the winter of 1775-76. Later, Washington promoted him to brigadier general and Knox fought at Trenton, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, and Yorktown. He became secretary of war in 1785 under the Articles of Confederation. Washington reappointed him secretary of war in 1789 under the new Constitution. This collection of papers extends from 1719 to 1794. The materials include correspondence, legal documents and a variety of other materials accumulated by Knox.

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Index to the Henry Knox papers owned by the New England Historic Genealogical Society and deposited in the Massachusetts Historical Society.

The index is arranged alphabetically by the name of the individual in communication with Knox. Also included is a brief description of the contents of each document.

Krishna Sastri, Hosakote. South-Indian Images of Gods and Goddesses.

Madras, India: Madras Government Press, 1916
1 reel(s)

The chapters of this book cover the origin of and rituals followed in temples, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Sakti-Goddesses, village deities, and miscellaneous deities. There are 162 photos and four plates of illustrations plus a list of Sanskrit books used by the author for consultation.

Published under the authority of the Government of Madras. The author was the Assistant Archaeological Superintendent for Epigraphy, Southern Circle.

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