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Microform Collections A-Z

The microform collection is wide and varied in subject. These listings reflect popular research areas and will serve as a good starting point, however, the listings are not exhaustive. Please use the search box at the top of the page or click on "General"

Early American Imprints, 1639-1800.

New York: Readex Microprint, 1955
31000 card(s)

This collection is a reproduction of the complete texts of approximately 42,000 books, pamphlets, and broadsides listed in Charles Evans' American Bibliography. Evans attempted to locate and describe everything printed in America up to 1800. Readex researchers added 12,000 works overlooked by Evans, as well as correcting his faulty entries. This series reflects, through the printed page, events through the American Revolutionary period. Titles are arranged chronologically in the order of entry in Evans' bibliography. They use the numbers assigned to each item by Evans. Although Evans listed magazines and newspapers, these are not included in the microprint edition but are filmed separately and described in this guide under American Periodicals and under Early American Newspapers.

MICPT 810.8


Evans, Charles American bibliography; a chronological dictionary of all books, pamphlets, and periodical publications printed in the United States of America from the genesis of printing in 1639 down to and including the year 1820. With bibliographical and biographical notes.

Bristol, Roger P. Supplement to Charles Evans’ American bibliography.

Shipton, Clifford Kenyon National index of American imprints through 1800; the short-title Evans

Bristol, Roger P. Index of printers, publishers, and booksellers indicated by Charles Evans in his American bibliography.

Early American Imprints, Second Series, 1801-1819.

New York: Readex Microprint, 1964
52000 card(s)

This collection is based on Shaw and Shoemaker's American Bibliography, which attempted to list all books, pamphlets, and broadsides published in the United States between 1800 and 1820. The complete text of approximately 50,000 works written in a period of rapid American expansion and intrepid exploration can be found here. Included are the writings of Robert Fulton, Henry Clay, Noah Webster, James Madison, Thomas Paine, Daniel Webster, and many others, as well as reports, letters, messages from the presidents, and resolutions of Congress and of the state and territorial legislative assemblies. Many British and European authors whose works were published in America are also represented. The titles are arranged chronologically as in the Shaw-Shoemaker bibliography, and can be located using the numbers assigned in that source. These numbers appear in eye-legible form on each microprint.

Each title is cataloged in MERLIN.

MICPT 810.8


Shaw, Ralph R. American bibliography : a preliminary checklist for 1801-1819

Early American Newspapers.

New York: Readex Microprint, 1962

This collection of more than 2,000 American newspapers published before 1821 includes newspapers listed in Brigham's History and Bibliography of American Newspapers, 1690-1820. These newspapers contain a wide range of opinions and facts, foreign as well as domestic news, and items of interest to social, religious, political, and educational historians. Editorials, sermons, advertisements, obituaries, essays, poetry, fiction, political satire, ship arrivals, storms, accidents, medical controversies, war news, political campaigns, and immigration news should all prove useful to the researcher. Ellis Library currently has only selected titles, with an emphasis on newspapers from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

An uncataloged guide, Cohen, Nathan (ed.). Early American Newspapers, available in the Special Collections Office, provides an annotated list of Ellis Library holdings.


Eichmann, Adolf 1906-1962. Adolf Eichmann: Papers Relating to Adolf Eichmann Compiled by the Weiner [I.E. Wiener] Library, London, 1961.

London: Micro Methods, 1961 
1 reel(s)

Papers spanning the period from 1934 to 1960 relate to Adolf Eichmann's role as a member of the Gestapo. Wartime papers discuss the evacuation of Jews and Poles from the eastern territories and France, Belgium, and Holland, the deportations to Auschwitz, and attempts to prevent the emigration of Jews to Palestine. Postwar documents reveal Eichmann's role in the extermination of the Jews at Auschwitz and other concentration camps, and the use of forced labor. Arranged chronologically, most of the documents are in German, with a few of the later reports in English. The index provides short English summaries.

An index at the beginning of the reel indicates the contents of each document.

FILM MISC - Request access

Eighteenth Century French Fiction.

Cambridge, MA: General Microfilm Company, 
12 reel(s)

70 titles.

An uncataloged contents list is available in the Special Collections office.

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Eighteenth Century Sources for the Study of English Literature and Culture.

Keswick, VA: Micrographics II, 
746 reel(s)

Each title in the collection is cataloged. Uncatalogued reel lists are available in the Special Collections Reading Room.



Eighteenth century sources for the study of English literature and culture : a collection of works relevant to the literary, artistic and cultural milieu of eighteenth century England.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882. Ralph Waldo Emerson Collection: 1822-1903.

Wakefield, England: Microform Academic Publishers, 1999
British Records Relating to America in Microform
2 reel(s)

Filmed from the Alexander Ireland Collection in the Central Library, Manchester, England. This collection contains extracts from Emerson’s work in newspapers and periodicals, reviews of works by Emerson, reviews of and extracts from the correspondence between Emerson and Thomas Carlyle, a Scottish writer also admired by Alexander Ireland, reviews of Ireland’s book on Emerson, articles about Emerson, correspondence, and obituaries on Emerson’s death in the American and British press.



Harding, Brian. The Ralph Waldo Emerson collection, 1822-1903 : a brief introduction to the microfilm edition of the Ralph Waldo Emerson collection. PDF

The guide contains a brief account of the introduction and friendship between Emerson and Alexander Ireland upon Emerson’s visits to England, contents of the two reels, and bibliographical notes. Available under call number PS1631 .R34 1999.

English Books, 1475-1640.

Ann Arbor, Michigan: University Microfilms, 1938
2142 reel(s)

Beginning with the first book published in English, Caxton's translation of Recuyell of the History of Troye, and continuing through the age of Spenser and Shakespeare, this collection contains nearly all of the 26,500 titles listed in Pollard and Redgrave`s Short-Title Catalogue and its revised edition. Pollard and Redgrave attempted to list every title published in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland and all works in the English language published elsewhere during this period. The collection also includes additional titles of the period not included in the above work. The series fully documents the magnificent English Renaissance, which witnessed the rebirth of classical humanism, the broadening of the known world, and the spread of printing and education. Included are the earliest editions of such classics as Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, original versions of royal statutes and proclamations, military, religious, legal, parliamentary, and other public documents, numerous early English ballads and carols, and sermons, homilies, saints' lives, liturgies, and the Book of Common Prayer (1549). This collection will fulfill the most exhaustive research requirements of scholars in the areas of English literature, history, philosophy, linguistics, and the fine arts.

Many filmed titles have records in Ellis Library's main card catalog and in Special Collection's card catalog. Units 49-58 (reels 1699-1907) are individually cataloged in MERLIN. An online tutorial is available at



Pollard, Alfred W. (Alfred William), 1859-1944. A short-title catalogue of books printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English books printed abroad, 1475-1640

This guide provides access by author to specific works.

Allison, Antony Francis. Titles of English books (and of foreign books printed in England) : an alphabetical finding-list by title of books published under the author’s name, pseudonym or initials

This provides access by the title of the work.

Bishop, William Warner, 1871-1955. A checklist of American copies of “Short-title catalogue” books, compiled by William Warner Bishop.

This guide is arranged by the numbers that are given in Pollard and Redgrave’s Short-Title Catalogue.

Morrison, Paul G. (Paul Guerrant), 1896- Index of printers, publishers and booksellers in A. W. Pollard and G. R. Redgrave A short-title catalogue of books printed in England, Scotland & Ireland and of English books printed abroad 1475-1640.

This guide is arranged alphabetically by name. Cross indexes, available in the Special Collections Office, direct the user from the catalog number to the reel location.

English Books, 1641-1700.

Ann Arbor, Michigan: University Microfilms, 1961
1786 reel(s)

Based on Wing's Short-Title Catalogue, the collection includes books printed in Great Britain and elsewhere in English from 1641 to 1700. Books printed in America are excluded from this collection, which spans the tumultuous years of the English Civil War, the Interregnum, and the Restoration. The material offers an historical perspective on an era that saw the rise of a mercantile class, the first English settlements in North America, and the development of secular philosophy and empirical science. Subject areas, such as the arts, the sciences, popular culture, and women's studies, are well represented.

Many filmed titles have records in Ellis Library's main card catalog and Special Collections' card catalog. Units 1-64 (reels 1-1733) are individually cataloged in MERLIN. An online tutorial is available at



Wing, Donald Goddard, 1904- Short-title catalogue of books printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and British America, and of English books printed in other countries, 1641-1700.

This guide provides access by author (or title in the case of anonymous works).

English short title catalogue [electronic resource] : 1473-1800.

This guide provides access by author (or title in the case of anonymous works). This is an electronic resource located at the Reference Workstation.

Allison, Antony Francis. Titles of English books (and of foreign books printed in England) : an alphabetical finding-list by title of books published under the author’s name, pseudonym or initials

This provides access by the title of the work.

University Microfilms International. Accessing Early English books, 1641-1700 : a cumulative index to units 1-32 of the microfilm collection.

This is arranged alphabetically by author. Catalogue numbers given can be traced to the location on the reel, using cross indexes located in the Special Collections Office.

English Cartoons and Satirical Prints, 1320-1832, in the British Museum.

Cambridge: Chadwyck-Healey Limited/Somerset House, 1978
21 reel(s)

By the end of the eighteenth century, satirical engravings had become a highly popular form of literary entertainment. This collection contains reproductions of over five hundred years of those engravings which are located in the British Museum. The microfilm reproduces, in the same order, the cartoons and drawings described in the Catalogue of Political and Personal Satires. At the beginning of each reel is a list of cartoons in the catalog that were omitted in the microfilm with an explanation for these omissions.



British Museum. Dept. of Prints and Drawings. Catalogue of political and personal satires preserved in the department of prints and drawings in the British Museum.

The guide contains a brief description of each cartoon and an index beginning with volume five. Reel one contains an index to the items listed in volumes one through four. The material, in both the catalog and microfilm, is arranged chronologically.

English Literary Periodicals, 1681-1914.

Ann Arbor, Michigan: University Microfilms, 1951
English literary periodicals
969 reel(s)

Significant early journals, magazines, and reviews in this collection reflect British life and culture from 1681 to 1914. Important writers of the period, such as Defoe, Addison, Steele, Goldsmith, Johnson, Mill, Hunt, Lamb, Tennyson, and Eliot, contributed material or acted as editors. The collection begins with the earliest British periodical, published in 1681, and continues through the nineteenth century. Though predominately literary in nature, the periodicals also include debates, essays, and news summaries concerning politics and government in Great Britain. Topics covered include politics and government in Great Britain.

The periodicals have been cataloged separately and the microfilm reels are interfiled alphabetically by title with other microfilm periodicals. Ellis has units 1-22. An online tutorial is available at



Accessing English literary periodicals : a guide to the microfilm collection with title, subject, editor, and reel number indexes

The guide describes each periodical and its subject matter. It includes a general subject, editor, and reel number index.

English literary periodicals : bibliography.

English literary periodicals : a title listing by series year.

Epigraphia Indica.

Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Library, 
11 reel(s)

Vol. 3-35 (1894-1964).
Epigraphists have made detailed studies of the inscriptions found on stones, vases, copper plates, and temple walls in India. Written in various alphabets and in languages such as Sanskrit, Tibetan, Telugu, and Old Kanarese, the inscriptions record grants of land, mention ancient rulers, and provide historical insights. They celebrate battles, pilgrimages, royal genealogies, and the establishment of kingdoms. Photographs of the original inscriptions are included.

Shelved in room 404 with the periodicals.


Estlin Papers, from Dr. William’s Library, Gordon Square, London.

East Ardsley, Yorkshire, Eng.: Micro Methods, 1961 
British records relating to America in microform
6 reel(s)

Letters of John B. and Mary Estlin, as well as pamphlets from 1840 to 1884, are largely concerned with the anti-slavery movement. The papers illustrate the close connection between British and American abolitionists in the mid-nineteenth century. The Estlins themselves were among the chief supporters of the British anti-slavery movement. Mary Estlin, to whom most of the letters were written, corresponded extensively with abolitionists in the United States. The pamphlets, many from William Lloyd Garrison's strongholds in New England and Philadelphia, illustrate the deep rifts in the American movement, divisions which spread to Great Britain as well.

A table of contents is on the first reel.

FILM 22:6 - Request access

Ettwein, John Bp 1721-1802. Papers of John Ettwein from the Archives of the Moravian Church, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

New Haven, Conn.: Research Publications, 1969 
8 reel(s)

John Ettwein was born in 1721 in Wurttemberg (now incorporated into Baden – Wurttemberg, Germany). He joined the Moravian Church in 1740 and in 1754 he and his family embarked for America. They settled in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The Moravians were isolated from Anglo-Saxon America. Their position in American life was complicated by their conscientious objection to bearing arms and their refusal to join in the American Revolution. It was largely through the efforts of John Ettwein that the Moravians were able to maintain a rapport with the American authorities and not suffer the same fate as many Loyalists after the Revolution. His papers consist of some 1,800 items and reflect a practical man, both literate and fluent in English who handled a great deal of the daily business for his religious community.


FILM 23:2 - Request access


Hamilton, Kenneth G. (Kenneth Gardiner), 1893- John Ettwein and the Moravian church during the Revolutionary period.

Appendix B in the guide provides a catalog of the Ettwein papers preserved in the Moravian Archives in Bethlehem.

Europe and NATO: Special Studies, 1970-1980.

Frederick, MD: University Publications of America, 1982
Special Studies Series
11 reel(s)

This collection contains one hundred and nineteen special studies commissioned by the federal government from extra-governmental “think tanks” such as Hudson Institute, Inc., Army War College, and the Rand Corporation. The papers discuss politico-military matters regarding Europe with reference to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Warsaw Treaty Organization. Most of the papers deal directly with issues of the period from 1970 to 1980, but a few are concerned with earlier events and their implications for the 1970s and beyond. The papers are divided into sections on Europe, NATO, individual western-aligned nations, neutral nations, the Warsaw Pact, East Germany, Hungary and Poland. Many more of the papers are devoted to NATO and western Europe than to the Warsaw Pact and eastern Europe. Topics covered include German reunification, detente, conventional warfare, nuclear weapons, the northern and southern flanks of NATO, United States force reductions in Europe, the implications for NATO of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Northern Ireland, Warsaw Pact reliability, the Hungarian uprising of 1956, and political upheaval in Poland between 1956 and 1976.



Europe and NATO, special studies, 1970-1980 [guide] PDF

The annotated guide provides a subject index, the names of the authors and their institutional affiliations. Also available under call number UA646.3 .E9 1982.

Ewing, Thomas 1789-1871. Microfilm Edition of the Thomas Ewing Papers in the Ewing Family Collection.

Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Archives, 1967 
6 reel(s)

Thomas Ewing, a highly successful lawyer from Lancaster, Ohio, served as United States senator from 1830 to 1836. From March to September 1841, he was secretary of the treasury under Presidents William Henry Harrison and John Tyler. From 1849 to 1850 he was secretary of the interior under Presidents Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore. After retiring from these cabinet positions, he continued to be very active in both state and national politics. He spent each winter for his last twenty years in Washington, D.C. arguing cases before the Supreme Court. As an advisor to President Lincoln, he urged moderation and compromise prior to the Civil War. He later was a trusted advisor to President Andrew Johnson and gave advice on appointments and drafted veto messages for him. The papers include correspondence, legal papers, and financial records, with a major emphasis on Ewing's law practice and his land holdings.

An uncataloged guide, Microfilm Edition of the Thomas Ewing Papers in the Ewing Family Collection, available in the Special Collections Office, provides background, a detailed list of contents for each reel, and a list of correspondents.

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