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Sociology 4620: Drugs and Society: Census and Statistics

National Center for Health Statistics

Though not part of the Census Bureau, the National Center for Health Statisttics is a rich source of information about America's health.

Health statistics allow us to:

  • document the health status of the population and of important subgroups
  • identify disparities in health status and use of health care by race or ethnicity, socioeconomic status, region, and other population characteristics
  • describe our experiences with the health care system
  • monitor trends in health status and health care delivery
  • identify health problems
  • support biomedical and health services research
  • provide information for making changes in public policies and programs
  • evaluate the impact of health policies and programs

General Statistical Resources

Criminal Justice

Public Opinion Polls

Opinion Polls

The Pew Research Center has reliable and relevant polling data on topics of current interest. 

iPoll - free text search of 600,000 public opinion surveys since 1935

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research - online analysis of public opinion, data downloads