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Documentary Films: Search Strategies

English 1000

Searching Tips

Truncation  - finds words starting with the word stem you have typed.   Most common truncation symbol is the asterisk *
      obes* = obese, obesity
      child* = child, childhood, childlike, children

Exact Phrase - use quotation marks for exact phrase(s)
       "high fructose corn syrup"

Wildcard - used to substitute letters inside a word
      wom?n = woman OR women
      colo?r = color OR colour

Combine the Main Concepts with AND / OR

Use AND/OR (Boolean Operators) to combine concepts.  These strategies are universal - you can use them in any databases, catalogs, or search engines (even Google!).

AND  - narrows the search
   Documentary AND Music

   AND - gets info when both concepts are present

 Documentary AND Music

OR - broadens the search
   Music OR Score OR Soundtrack

   OR - gets info if any of the concepts are present

Music OR Score

Group synonyms together using parenthesis.
     (documentary OR non-fiction) AND (music OR score OR soundtrack)

Interactive Tool: Search Strategy Builder

The Search Strategy Builder helps you build a search string that you can use in any database, catalog, or search engine.

Video: Boolean Operators