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Documentary Films: Books

English 1000

Find books on these topics

The specific Subject Heading for your topic is "documentary films."  This heading has a great many subheadings - narrow it down by trying some of the links below:

Tools for Finding Books

MERLIN Catalog: Use the MERLIN Catalog to find books at MU.  If we don't have the book here at MU or if our copy is checked out, you can request it through the MOBIUS Catalog.

MOBIUS Catalog: This catalog includes materiails from all academic libraries in the state of Missouri.

Discover @ MU: is a simple and fast search engine like Google that helps you find books, scholarly journals, videos, etc.

ILL (Interlibrary Loan): If materials you need are not available through the MERLIN or MOBIUS catalogs, you can request them via ILL for free.

Recommended Titles

A Short Guide to Writing About Film - Timothy Corrigan

Brief text introducing students to film terms and the major film theories, enabling them to write more critically.

Anatomy of Film - Bernard F. Dick

"Anatomy of Film" is a brief introduction to film appreciation and analysis. Designed to be used in either English or Communication departments, "Anatomy of Film" helps students new to film develop a critical awareness of cinema.