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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems 8087

Library Tools for Literature Searching


How can I find a paper presented at a conference?

  • The complete proceedings of a conference may be published in:
    • Books
    • Journals
    • Series
  • A few "Select" papers from conference proceedings may also be published in books, journals and series.
  • Complete proceedings are not always published. Extended abstracts, digests of papers, and invited papers are examples of what may be published in lieu of complete proceedings. 40% of the time, NOTHING is published.
  • If you cannot find it, do not assume that the Libraries don't own it. Ask your librarian for assistance!  

Where to begin:

  • Do you have a complete, accurate citation?

Where to search to verify your citation and locate online full-text papers:

What fields to search (possible searching points):

  • ISSN search (International Standard Serial Number)
  • Series title search
  • ISBN search (specific book number)
  • Editor(s)’ last name(s)
  • Sponsoring agency
  • Corporate Author versus conference title
  • Author(s) of article plus key phrase from article title
  • Key “two or three-word” key phrases from conference information or source

Where to locate the complete conference proceedings in print: