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Integrating Library Content in Canvas: Online Journals

What is the proxy server?

License agreements governing usage of the online resources (including e-journals, ebooks and databases) require that we ensure off-campus access is restricted to currently enrolled MU students/MU faculty and staff.  The MU Libraries maintain a proxy server for this purpose.  When creating links to licensed material, the proxy prefix ( must be placed in the URL to ensure that off-campus users are able to access.  Contact Rhonda Whithaus if you have any questions or problems with the proxy server access.

Creating Links to Online Journals

To link to an online journal you must use the following URL:

Replace the "XXXXXX" in the above link with the ISSN number for your specific journal.

To find the ISSN for your journal, follow these steps:

Access the Discover@MU Search Page

1. Go to the MU Libraries gateway.

2. Below and to the right of the Discover@MU search bar, click on "A specific journal" under the "Looking For?" section.


Search for Your Journal

3. From here, you can enter the journal name in the search bar. Be sure to select "Title equals" from the drop-down menu to narrow down your results.

4. Click the "Find It@MU" button.


Find the ISSN

5. The results page should have the ISSN (usually an 8 digit number) located directly to the right of the journal title in bold text. Add this number (without the dash) to the URL as instructed above.



Add the Link to your Course in Canvas

Now, you can return to your Canvas course and paste the link you have created in the "Create External Link" menu as instructed for Canvas on the front page of this guide. Students should be able to access the journal you have linked from anywhere, on or off campus, using a username and password.


Updated 08/23/2016