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University Libraries Undergraduate Research Contest: Support Letter

Support Letter

The review panel is interested in the student's use of library materials. Resources should be evaluated for relevance and appropriateness to the field of study. Sources should be acknowledged and citations should be accurate.

When a student submits his or her project to the contest, an email is generated and sent to the instructor. The instructor is asked to verify that the student was enrolled in the course and performed the research in fulfillment of course requirements. The instructor will be asked to submit a letter of recommendation. The letter should address these points: 

  • If the project is a paper, does the paper make a good argument? Are quotes and acquired ideas well integrated?
  • Does the project address significant questions in the discipline and articulate why the research project matters?
  • Does the project reflect a knowledge of the field and of the subject?
  • Do the sources cited show that the student has done more than a perfunctory search?
  • Are the sources used appropriate for supporting the argument?

The letter should include the course name and number, and verify that the student was enrolled in the course and created the project in fulfillment of course requirements, indicating the semester the course was taken.

Library Resources to help your student

Contact your subject librarian.
If one of your students has a promising paper that needs more research, refer the student to a subject librarian for assistance.

Request a library instruction session.
Request that a librarian show your class how to find, evaluate, and select information sources related to the topic you have assigned.