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See the stories you can tell w/statistics; take 19 minutes & watch Professor Rosling's video.   This is fascinating & useful! 

  • CDC Releases Annual U.S. Health Statistics Report  (From: Physician's First Watch [])

For you statistics fans, the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics has released its annual report, Health, United States, 2010.

Health, United States, 2011 (Site includes full report + specific sections - all free)

Health United States, 2011: In Brief (Free 20 page PDF)

"Health, United States present national trends in health statistics on such topics as birth and death rates, infant mortality, life expectancy, morbidity and health status, risk factors, use of ambulatory and inpatient care, health personnel and facilities, financing of health care, health insurance and managed care, and other health topics.


Stop!  Before you dive into your project, ask the following questions:

  1. What am I looking for?  facts & figures?  articles? guidelines? 
  2. Who else is interested in this information?   governments? associations? fellow nurses?
  3. Where are they likely to post their info?  public website? journal article? conference paper?

Answering the above will save you time in the long run & cut your stress!

  1. Facts & figures (i.e. statistics) are often collected by governments & associations and are often posted on their websites
  2. Articles are usually written by colleagues and published in journals or presented at conferences
  3. Guidelines are usually written up for an institution & many are posted at the National Guideline Clearinghouse

 Having trouble tracking down info or keeping this all straight?  Call me & ask! 

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