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Title:  QB VII (1974)

Director:  Tom Gries

Location:  MU Law RESERVE PN1997 .Q2 2001

Format:  DVD

Rating:  NR

Length:  NA

Plot:  The story of a novelist who is sued by a doctor for libel because the author's best-seller accuses the doctor of being a Nazi collaborator who conducted experiments on Jews in a concentration camp during World War II. The story covers a 27-year period in the lives of these men and concludes with the dramatic trial in Queens Bench No. VII (QB VII).

Legal Angles:  Torts, Trial Practice, Evidence, War, Genocide, Evidence, Lawyering 

Genre:  Drama, Mystery

Cast:  Ben Gazzara, Lee Remick, Anthony Hopkins, Jack Hawkins, Leslie Caron, Juliet Mills, John Gielgud, Anthony Quayle, Edith Evans, Anthony Andrews

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