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Finding Poetry & Short Story Criticism

Finding criticism of specific poems or stories can sometimes be difficult. If you're stuck, try searching the bibliography and index tools in the next column, or these print reference books can also be helpful:

Poetry Criticism
Reference PN1010 .P499 

Short Story Criticism
Reference PN3373 .S386 

Both are indexed in Literary Index.

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Bibliographies and Indexes

Listed here are general bibliographies and indexes. For more specific bibliographies see A Guide to Serial Bibliographies for Modern Literatures, Reference PN695 .W67 1995.

Annuals, Surveys, Handbooks

  Library Catalogs

To find works dedicated to research on an author, do a subject search on the author's name, last name first.
A keyword search on the author's name will find these works, plus works by the author, and sections of more general works.

  Books Online

Online text collections deliver more detailed results than the library catalogs.