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BrowZine, an application optimized for iPad and Android tablets and smartphones, allows you to browse, read and follow thousands of the libraries’ top scholarly journals. To download and find out more, visit the Browzine tab.

  • Access to over 9,500 titles in many disciplines, with new titles added regularly.
  • Available on iPad and Android Tablets.
  • Available on iphones.  Coming soon to android phones!
  Email Alerts

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With email alerts, all your updates are emailed to you.

You can set up email filters so the email alerts are automatically organized and/or sent to a folder. 

Example of email alert

  RSS Feeds

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RSS feeds allow you to check one place for all your updates and alerts from websites and databases.   
  • RSS feeds are usually anonymous, but you will need to use a feed reader. 
  • A "Reader" is the software/program/website that you use to read new items delivered by RSS.
  • A "Feed" is what you subscribe to in order to receive the new information.
  • You subscribe to a RSS feed, and you use a reader to read the feed.

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