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Student Advocacy Groups: ULSAC and Library Ambassadors: Library Ambassadors

Your Libraries, Your Voices: Play a role in shaping the future of the University of Missouri Libraries

Why should you join the Library Ambassadors, a student volunteer group that advocates for Mizzou Libraries?

The sun has set on campus, the sidewalks are crowded and yet somehow... empty. You are isolated in the darkness of your academic stress. But then you see it. A beacon of hope. Light shining from the windows of Ellis Library. You walk through the century-old wooden doors* and step into the promise of 24-hour study spaces, information finding tools, and research support services. Oh, and books. There are books too. You breathe a sigh of relief--you've found the keys to academic success, you've unlocked the gateway to the heart of the university. You're in the library. 

Is that your experience? Awesome! Would you help us make sure every student has the same experience? We need library enthusiasts who can help advocate for the libraries and inform their fellow students about everything the libraries have to offer.
Join the Library Ambassadors!

Perks of being a Library Ambassador

  • always be the first to know about awesome library stuff
  • behind-the-scenes access to cool library spaces (been in the library vault before?)
  • access to closed ULSAC meetings (as a non-voting member)
  • opportunities to communicate ideas and share feedback with library administration
  • invitations to events with cool donors (get your networking on)

Responsibilities of being a Library Ambassador 

(chill out, you're expected to help with some of this, not all of it)

  • attend the occasional library event (can you staff a table and/or schmooze with donors?)
  • support/promote library initiatives like increased hours or OER (free textbooks!)
  • promote the libraries on social media (if that's your thing)
  • give a tour
  • thank donors for funding the libraries (you can sign a thank you card, brah)

This is a low-key and fun way to support the greatest institution on campus. You'll have helped the libraries, you'll have added something else to your increasingly-impressive resume: it's a win-win. Are you in?
Sign up here

*that's if you walked through the old North doors...the West doors of Ellis Library were installed in, like, the late 80s or something.