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Constitutional Law: Home

A guide designed for second year law students on the MU Law Library's resources regarding Constitutional Law. These do not constitutue recommendations from the faculty.

Subject Explanation

Constitutional Law is a required course taken in the second year of study. It considers the theories of judicial review and justiciability, sources of federal legislative power, commerce, taxing, spending, treaty, presidential and military powers, power of states to regulate and tax interstate commerce, preemption, state actions doctrine, due process, equal protection, and First Amendment rights.

CALI Tutorials

CALI Tutorials are interactive, computer-based lessons, written by law faculty and librarians.

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Subject Guide

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Exam Bank

MU Law School has Constitutional Law exams from Professor Esbeck's sections from past terms available online. Below are links to pages that will connect you to exam banks at other law schools. Please note that Professor Esbeck is now retired.