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Property: Property Resources

A guide designed for first year law students on the MU Law Library's resources regarding the law of Property.

CALI Tutorials

CALI Tutorials are interactive, computer-based lessons, written by law faculty and librarians.

List of tutorials on Property Law

See a law librarian for your CALI authorization code.

Exam Bank

MU LAW Exam Bank

Several other law schools and libraries maintain freely available collections of their school's exams. For lists of links see Findlaw. These exams may provide some background on how issues could be framed for an exam setting.

Subject Explanation

The MU Law school course on Property is during the second semester of the first year of law school.  It covers classification of real and personal property, rights to found goods, bailments, possession and adverse possession, estates in land and future interests, and concurrent ownership. Additionally, landlord and tenant, easements, profits and licenses, covenants running with land and equitable servitudes, contracts for the sale of land, conveyancing and recording of conveyances are covered in this course.

Select Treatises in the Law Library


Since the 1920's this series has sought to produce a clear and precise restatement of the common law.  It has authority greater than any other legal treatise, one nearly on par with the decisions of the courts.

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See "Area of Law by Topic">Real Estate. 

Select treatises available on Lexis:

Powell on Real Property - Michael Allen Wolf Desk Edition  This abridged edition of Powell on Real Property uses the same chapter numbers as the full edition; not all chapters from the full edition appear in the desk edition.



See Westlaw Directory.Topical Materials by Area of Practice>Real Property. 


Select materials available on Westlaw:

AMJUR-RP American Jurisprudence 2d Real Property: Includes selected real property materials from American Jurisprudence 2d.
REST-PROP Restatement of the Law - Property:  American Law Institute's Restatement of the common law of property, includes present and future interests, landlord/tenant, wills and other donative transfers, servitudes and mortgages.