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Contracts: Home

A guide designed for first year law students on the MU Law Library's resources regarding the law of Contracts.

Subject Explanation

Contracts spans the entire first year of law school. It includes contract formation, insufficient and defective agreement, bases of promissory liability (including consideration and promissory estoppel), restitution, abuse of bargaining process, the statute of frauds, parol evidence rule and principles of interpretation, contract performance and risk allocation, and remedies for breach contract.

CALI Tutorials

CALI Tutorials are interactive, computer-based lessons, written by law faculty and librarians.  The lessons and practice questions can be used as preparation for class or as review for an exam.  This link provides access to lessons on Contract law.

Restatements on Westlaw

West Academic Online Audio Study Aids

Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aids

DISCLAIMER:  Please remember that supplemental materials are meant to enhance, not replace, the assigned classroom material. If you have a question whether a particular supplement may be useful as a classroom or exam prep aid then ask your professor for guidance.  And, as always, you can ask a librarian for assistance.  More information regarding Mizzou Law Library online study aid subscriptions can be found here. 

Hard copies of many of the study aids listed below are located in the Reference Room on the first floor of the library.  Please note that the study aids online are generally more current than the hard copies.

West Academic Online Study Aids


If you need help accessing these links, contact a law librarian.